Where do I get subtitle (.srt) files?

You can search this topic on google but here are a few resources you might try. These are 100% free and legal...

  • Caption App - (Mac) - This beautiful app allows you to search for any movie or TV series episode any video file and download the subtitle (.srt) files directly to your computer.
  • Subtitles App - (Mac & Windows) - This app allows you to insert any video file and it will automatically search for all available subtitle files on the web and allow you to download them directly to your computer.
  • SubRip (Windows)
  • SRT files (Mac & Windows)
  • 15 Best Subtitle Software and Top 10 Subtitle Download Sites (Mac & Windows)
  • Sous Titres EU - Subtitle Files in french for films and series. We suggest searching for french content on this site.

NOTE: Subtitle files are small. In fact, they are like word documents. They won't take long to download.

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