Where do I get video files?

Downloading the movies from the internet...

Here are some articles on how to do it:

Literally millions of people download and watch movies online every day. We cannot, for obvious reasons, explicitly suggest you do anything illegal and we will not be held responsible for anything you do to obtain the video files. but here are some examples (I found these on the first page of my google search:

Those are just 3 examples but if you google something like "Download [insert movie name here]" you will find many torrent resources.

This is a great resource for downloading video and subtitle files:

  • iSkysoft - Video Converter - This program will allow you to convert videos found online and from your DVDs. Many formats accepted for both inputs and output.

Importing your physical DVDs...

It may be old fashioned but you can absolutely use the physical DVD and rip it to your computer using a program like VLC media player or Video Converter (mentioned above) which is available on all platforms. Then you can extract the subtitle files.

The good news...

If you're not very tech savvy and you find this process arduous and painful, rest assured that you will only need to do it once before it makes total sense and you won't even need to do it very often. We estimate that a 90 minute film will take the average user about one month to get through if used daily. At the end of the month you should be able to watch the entire film start to end and understand and enjoy it.

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