Welcome to Caterpillar!

Why this app exists...

We love watching movies and TV series and we are passionate about learning languages. If you're reading this, it probably means you do too. When learning a language, a movie is a great way to learn vocabulary, tune your accent, and get better at understanding native speakers. The problem is that you can watch an entire film and not improve at all. It's inherently a passive activity.

An automated and optimized olution

Movies could be much better at strengthening your language skills. Caterpillar is a response to this problem, turning watching movies and TV series into an optimized and entertaining way to master any language. 

Imagine that your movie functioned like flashcards. Maybe instead of constantly rewinding to clarify what we missed in a movie, or worse, ignoring it all together because we "get the point" we we could turn the whole movie into a true learning experience requiring absolute focus, writing, speaking.

You add any film and Caterpillar will automatically break it up into short sections and segments.

  • Section: The average 90 minute film contains approximately 40 sections.
  • Segment: One single line of the film. Each section contains 30 segments. (This is actually where the name Caterpillar derives from).

You grade your performance on each exercise on a 6-level scale ranging from "Easiest" to "Impossible." According to your rating, the  Spaced Repetition algorithm will prioritize the exercises to strengthen your weaknesses while not bothering you with exercises that you found very easy. 

Each exercise is designed to answer one of the following questions:

  • Listening: do I understand every word spoken?
  • Writing: can I write exactly what was spoken without spelling or grammatical mistakes?
  • Speaking: do I sound like the actor when I repeat what they said - accent and rhythm?

How does Caterpillar rate my performance?

Actually, you rate your own performance. The only person who truly knows how difficult each exercise was is you. Sure, you can cheat but that wouldn't be very helpful to your own learning. We trust that if you want to get the most out of the Caterpillar learning experience you will rate yourself honestly. The app relies on a  Spaced Repetition algorithm meaning that it will prioritize exercises that you need to improve on according to this rating.

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