Why isn't Caterpillar free?

Why isn't Caterpillar App free?

Well, think about it: free apps don't make money so free apps can't survive. 

We want to offer a quality service that grows and adapts to the needs of the user. It takes time and money to provide good service. It costs money for our team to respond quickly and directly to the customer. It costs money to make sure things run smoothly at all times.

The great thing about Caterpillar is that it costs just $99 for lifetime access. You will also get all the update free. That's a bargain, if you ask us. It seems that more and more software companies are going with a subscription model. Caterpillar will not start a subscription model. We're going to charge $99 and give you all the updates.

Don't believe us? Have a look here at what Maciej of Pinboard has to say about the viability of free software.

So if you want Caterpillar to survive, please support it and download the app!

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